Some notes for the exam

Hello, I don’t really know how we’ll have the exam tomorrow, but I already made some notes for it.

How did the blog influence my learning?




  • Not so much communication as I hoped with other students
  • Sometimes it was annoying because I couldn’t solve problems (attitude for comments, upload a ppt with slideshare at the beginning…)
  • Need a computer to get work done




  • It was interesting to try new things (learning by doing, when you hear things it seems to be easy, but by doing it yourself you notice where the difficulties are and really understand it)
  • Could decide myself how to use the blog
  • Always able to get an overview about all things going on in the seminar (look what I’ve written so far, read other blogs, look on the seminar page which is linked at my own site so I visited it a lot)
  • There were tasks during  the whole semester, so it was easier to do the work
  • Possibility to look what the others did
  • Additionally I improved my English a bit, because while writing in my blog I looked up vocabulary



Most valuable content in my blog


The most interesting contents in my blog for myself are the thoughts about my learning environment. It helped me to think about how I might change some things and I already tried to do mobile-learning at the train instead of none-learning stuff. It worked very well.

For other people I guess it’s our group work about micro- and mobile-learning and for other students of the seminar maybe the reflection of our online session just to compare it with their own thoughts!



How to connect content from this seminar to the rest of my studies


  • I already created a wiki for another seminar this semester. I use it with my group and the others liked the idea. I guess a wiki can be helpful in a lot of different situations.
  • My plan is to keep my blog and put in my presentations from other seminars and write down what’s important for me. So when I will have to learn for my exams I can use my blog.
  • Of course the technical skills I learned are important for lots of other seminars





Checking all the task


I guess it’s a good idea to make sure I finished all the tasks beside the last one.

Task 1: How about yourself? I wrote the post “Just started” and created an “about-page”

Task #2: What is eLearning You will find: Task 2.1 definition of e-learning, Task 2.2 expectations of e-learning and Task 2.3 good situations for e-learning?

Task #3 Select a Picture I wrote the post “chosen picture

Task #4 I wrote something to the wiki and we had to do our group work. Samuel, Luise and I were group number 1 and our topic was mobile- and microlearning. Our presentation was on May 20th and I wrote three posts about it, first “group work” second “A little late- my expressions of our presentation” and at last “Hope it works“.

Task #5 Skype Session We had to prepare some things for the skype session. I liked the session and wrote the post “Different learning environments” where I also reflected the  online session.

Task #6 Learning Environment Just have a look at the post “My learning environments

Task #7 Online Session and learning Environments For me i was interesting to see the learning environments of the other students, I wrote about it in “Different learning environments

Task #8 Learning Theories Actually when I wanted to write something about the learning theories some very hard-working students has written about all of them already. So I just read what the others wrote, hope that’s okay.

Task #9 A Day with the Learningtheories Haven’t done this yet…

I need some information

Good morning,

I think it might be time to write a new post. I missed the seminar this week, what did you do?

I’m a little upset, because I want to use my blog for this blues project but there are so many other things to do. So one member of the group is always busy! It’s really annoying because the seminar took place during last semester…

Actually I wasn’t able to change the comment attitude. At the beginning I decided only people who are logged in can leave comments, but now I’d like to change this.  Does anybody know how to do this?

I guess it’s time for breakfast now 🙂 Talk to you soon!

Different learning environments

Good morning,

I’ve read the articles of the other students about their learning environments, it was interesting to see how many of us use the opportunity to learn outside.  Most of the students enjoy to learn at home because its quiet and they have all their stuff around. As I wrote in my last article I also spend a lot of time to learn while I’m on my way to my boyfriend or back home on a train, but today it was really annoying because the people around me talked very loud and there wasn’t much space so I had to read the article again after i arrived at home. May be I should start mobile learning during this times because if I listen to something with earplugs I won’t be distracted so easily.

As the others already mentioned we had an online sessio last Tuesday. We had some troubles with audio communication but in my opinion a lot of hings worked well. It wasn’t a problem to text via skype with 14 people and ´most of the students could follow the other presentation as well.

I got to go, see you tomorrow!

My learning environments

Hello everybody, hey Ruwen!

We were supposed to take a picture of our usual e-learning environment and another one of our preferred non-e-learning environment. I use lots of different places for learning, for e-learning the two places I spend most time are the “Geomatikum” and my own room. Here you can see my laptop on my desk.

For non e-learning I use even more places for example: Train from Hamburg to Kiel, my room, “Sopäd-cafe” (university) and during summer I spend a lot of time learning outside. My favourite place you can see on the next photo:

A little late- my expressions of our presentation

I know it took me a while to write this post, but I was sick during the last week. So I missed the presentations of the other students. But I’ll try to get an impression by reading their posts about it and hopefully there are some presentations online!

Back to our presentation about Mobile- and Microlearning. I was a little sceptic at the beginning. I thought I understood the topics but still I didn’t really know what to expect during the seminar session. I was very glad because everybody was interested and had some ideas, and in my opinion it was an interesting discussion.  So I’m looking forward to reading the other presentations!

Anfang Blues

Bisherige Vorgehensweise:

  • Sichtung des eigenen Materials vom Vortrag und Auswahl der wichtigen Themen.
  • Sich unter informieren, welche Artikel es im weitesten Sinne zu unserem Thema gibt und wie man einen eigenen Artikel verfasst.
  • Gliederung für unseren Artikel „Blinde Blues Musiker“: 
  • Anfang der inhaltlichen Arbeit
  • Weitere Planung:            1.  Recherche über den Nachteilsausgleich zu der Zeit in USA

2.  Herausfinden wie man ein Kreisschema erstellt (erledigt)

3.      Angaben über einzelne Musiker überprüfen und schauen über welche Musiker  es schon Seiten bei Wikipedia gibt.

4. Besuch der Bibliothek am Dienstag, den 29.04.2007 (erledigt)

Ausgeliehen: Deep Blues von Robert Palmer, Blues – Geschichte und Geschichten von Carl-Ludwig Reichert

5. Treffen am 20.5.08 zur weiteren Besprechung

group work

A short overwiew, what has happened till now:

Last week Louise, Samuel and I met at the University. We made some plans how to create our “presentation”. We decided to make a powerpoint presentation and some podcasts. We split the topic into three parts. I looked especially for informations about microlearning. I found some nice podcasts about it which where created for the microlearning conference in 2006 and wrote a short explanation of microlearning to the wiki.

Louise informed herself about mobile learning and Samuel looked  for information about formal, nonformal and informal learning.

We were supposed to talk today via skype, but because of important other stuff it didn’ t work out.  So we’ll se more on tuesday!

chosen picture

I’m still alive and I guess it’s definetly time for the next post!

Here’s the picture I’ve chosen. Actually the photos were very small and I couldn’t really see what they were about. I like my photo, because I love water and at the moment I enjoy living in Hamburg 🙂 We have to make a group project now, I work with Luise and Samuel and our topic is micro- and mobilelearning…mein-bild.jpg